Easter Catering

There are still two days until Easter – do you know what you’re serving up yet?

If you don’t, look no further than Spices Cafe. We’ve got beautiful food and customizable menus just waiting to be sampled by your guests.

Stop by today to have us cater your event – we promise it will be a “hopping” good time!

Spices Cafe: Your Go-To Dessert Catering!

We know that sometimes, when you’re planning that perfect event, you don’t always need a full spread. Sometimes, it’s just all about the desserts.

Here at Spices Cafe, we make delicious, decadent desserts that rival all others, and would make a fantastic spread at any corporate event, gathering or private party. 

Come in to our Denver location to sample some today!

Spices Cafe Buffet (It Rhymes!)

You might have known that Spices Cafe does some downright delicious catering work, but you might not have known just how pretty our displays are, whether in a buffet or on a plate!

We believe that a pleasant view of your food contributes to the overall experience of eating, and take pride in presenting only the best to our customers.

Give Spices Cafe a call today – our decadent desserts, award-winning soups, and tasty entrees, put together with your custom menu, will make for your perfect gathering!


Spices Cafe’s Menu

Our Denver location has a wonderful menu for customers to choose from on an everyday business – but our catering menu is far more extensive than our everyday one!

In fact, it’s completely customizable, whether you need to take a specific allergy into account, want gluten free, or perhaps you want to cater desserts only, like the buffet above that we put together.

Give Spices Cafe a call, or stop in today, to get your catering menu started!

Spices Cafe Breakfast

Here’s the thing: Spices Cafe doesn’t just do great lunch and dinner, we also have delicious breakfast!

Whether you want to stop into our Denver location or have us cater your next event, we guarantee that the next breakfast you  get from us will be satisfying and tasty.

Give us a call today, or stop by to get your Spices Cafe fix now!🙂

Spices Cafe’s Customizable Menus

One of the best things about having Spices Cafe cater for your event is that we have a completely customizable menu that gives you the chance to choose everything down to the last detail.

We can do vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, just about anything you can think of! And all of our courses, from our famous soups down to our desserts, are absolutely delicious.

Give us a call today to book your event and make your menu!

Valentine’s Day Desserts

New Years is over, but you’re not off the hook yet – in about a month it will be Valentine’s Day!

And what could be better on Valentine’s Day than the perfect dessert? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. During Valentine’s, dessert is the most popular part of the meal, so it is essential to make sure that yours is delicious and beautiful.

Call Spices Cafe today – we’ve got the perfect desserts, whether you pick it up or have it delivered, it’s sure to delight your valentine!

Five Days Until Christmas!

There’s only five more days until Christmas! That means only five more days to decide what you’re going to feed people, whether it be at a corporate gathering or your family get-together. 

Look no further than Spices Cafe – we’ve got you covered! We have delicious desserts, entrees, appetizers, and anything else you could need for that perfect holiday spread. 

Happy holidays from Spices Cafe!

Post-Thanksgiving Meals!

It’s right after Turkey Day, and I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely getting sick of all those heavy leftovers!

How about some lighter fare to get you feeling back to yourself before all the Christmas food starts pouring in? Spices Cafe has some great soups and salads perfect for watching your weight, and to get a little variety in after all those mashed potatoes!

Stop by our Denver location and get some delicious food today!

Thanksgiving Dessert!

Guys – Thanksgiving is practically here! Know my favorite part of Thanksgiving? The desserts, of course!

Spices Cafe has incredible desserts. See that dish above? Made by yours truly!

So if you want a little stress taken off of your Thanksgiving, stop by Spices Cafe and pick up some yummy desserts for the big day – or better yet, just have us cater for you!