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Mitra M

San Mateo, CA

4 star rating


This review is for their catering – I haven’t been to the restaurant.

Chef Michael arranged some last minute catering for a lunch. I called him on a Thursday night right before a long weekend. With minimal notice he pulled everything together and gave me a menu that was exactly in-line with what I needed (diet/ vegetarian friendly). He was very responsive and prompt through out the process and the lunch was executed as expected. To top it off the food was absolutely delicious!

Jeremy O

Lawrence, KS

4 star rating


Looking for a breakfast place on vacation, and this is what we found. It was a great find.

They have a menu posted outside, and we were taking a look over everything when a server came out and offered us a table. We sat outside, under an awning, and another server came to us in short order with menus of our own. She was very pleasant, and eager for conversation.

The food was delicious. I had two eggs, sausage patties, and French Toast, and it was $5.25. The eggs were cooked perfectly, the French Toast had a very unique, wonderful taste, and the sausage was sausage. It’s hard to go wrong with sausage, honestly.

All told, the meal was $15, and that includes the tip. You really get great food, and great service, at a wonderful price. If you are in Denver, hit up Spices.

Pacu B.

North Las Vegas, NV

4 star rating


We were visiting Denver the week of October 7th,2011.  My wife and I love to have a nice sit down breakfast and used Yelp to help us find a good breakfast spot while in town.  We stayed downtown and were looking for some place close.  The first place we went was packed, loud and had a very long wait so we left.

We found Spices Cafe on Yelp and called and asked how long the wait was.  We were told that there was no wait (Sat around 11am).  We drove to Spices and we were very glad we did.  It is a small little cafe with one waiter, who I think is either the owner or cook.

The food and the service was GREAT! I actually felt that they should have charged more.  We paid $17.00 for an order of french toast , a huge breakfast burrito and two coffees.  Maybe I am just used to being ripped off, because I am from Vegas, but I thought the prices were very reasonable.

We actually went back on Sunday and on Monday before we went to the airport for our return flight home.  We also ordered the same thing, all three days.

Get the French Toast and the breakfast burrito.  You wont be disappointed!

Kym b.

Denver, CO

4 star rating


Rejoice, Colfaxers! Your late(ish) night sandwich options no longer stop at just Fat Jacks or Silver Mine! Try Spices Cafe, a little gem tucked in behind Streets of London and Scooter’s Liquors. Now open until at least 11 pm, Spices provides a much needed alternative to those other two. No boring sub-style sammies here, Spices offers up the goods. All the items on their menu– including breakfast options– are served right up until closing (or until they run out).

Some of the prices might seem a little high at first glance ($7.95 for a grilled veggie sandwich)… but read a little further and you’ll notice that they come with your choice of side! And we’re not talking a bag of chips, either. You can choose fries (a huge portion of shoestrings that are seasoned just-right and cooked just-perfect), onion rings (batter-dipped, not breaded, and SO good), or slaw (didn’t try it… I generally hate slaw). So it’s actually quite a deal.

An even better deal? A burger with the same side-order options for $5.50. My husband said it was one of the better burgers he’d ever had. And he’s had many…

I ordered the aforementioned Grilled Veggie Sandwich. It was good, albeit served “club style,” with an extra slice of bread in the middle. Kind of my pet peeve (see my review of Sputnik), but I let it slide. The delicious fries more than made up for that renegade slice of 7-grain.

Extra bonus: you can order select items from Streets of London’s menu at Spices too! Sure, you’ll miss out on Streets’ killer jukebox and boisterous ambiance… but sometimes you’d just rather sit quietly and enjoy your curry fries amidst spice racks and prints of little babies sitting in spaghetti pots. And that’s okay too.

Matt F.

Denver, CO

4 star rating


This place is kinda hidden by Streets of London, which is on the side of the street facing Colfax. Spices Cafe is on the butt-end of the building, but don’t let that dissuade you from checking this place out. You wouldn’t neglect to check out a girl’s back-side, would ya?

The place feels pretty relaxed, with plenty of kitchy things on the walls, and a big glass case of drinks topped with jars of loose leaf teas. A no fuss no muss kinda place where you pay for the food… not the ambiance. Take a date here only if you want her to know you aren’t a big spender!

You certainly won’t break the bank eating here. Try the Grilled Turkey & Avocado Melt. It’s turkey breast, avocado, tomatoes & american cheese on grilled sourdough bread for something like $6.50. Delicious. The cheese was all melty, but balanced nicely by the cool avocado, and the grilled bread was all nice n crispy.

I had mine with some delicious onion rings, which were included as a side, but I could have had fries or coleslaw if I remember right. They have a bunch of bottled sodas in their glass case in the front, like orange crush. Brought back some good memories.

They have a decently sized patio as well, so as it gets warmer I may have to make a few more trips back.

Ashley C.

Phoenix, AZ

4 star rating


Loved this place! It is in a little shop tucked behind Streets of London, with a nice menu and very friendly waitstaff! The food took a little while to come, but they were pretty busy with the few people working there. It is worth the wait! Very relaxed atmosphere, very warm and welcoming. Good place to bring a friend if you are looking for a nice, quiet place to catch up and get a good sandwich. I had the Turkey Avacado melt and have been DYING to go back ever since. Fantastic!

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Off the beaten path, down that flight of stairs, or tucked behind some crappy façade, some restaurants are overlooked because of their weird locations. It’s almost like there’s a parallel universe of Denver dining lurking just beyond the curtain of the conventional. Just because a restaurant doesn’t have the foresight or bankroll to snag a prime strip of real estate, though, doesn’t mean its food isn’t worth tracking down. Case in point: Spices Café.

It’s ironic that Spices is so hard to notice: Perched on the little delta of blacktop in the middle of the three-way convergence of Colfax, Park, and Franklin, the establishment is located mere yards from one of the busiest intersections in the city. And it’s attached to the back of the popular bar Streets Of London. In fact, Spices recently augmented its own menu with Streets’ selection of English-pub-style fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, and curry, which can be ordered from Spices’ counter without having to go into the bar.

Spices, however, has a gastronomic identity all its own. The tiny space that houses the four-table restaurant once held a deli, and Spices is laid out much the same way. The blown-up menu hangs above a glass deli case filled with fresh desserts, and a dry-erase board announces the day’s specials. Fresh is the operational concept behind the menu’s
selections: Sandwiches, salads, soups, and breakfast plates are the focus, but all are given a twist of green or grain by chef and proprietor Michael Watren—a man who clearly knows how to make the familiar feel (and taste) fantastic.

Watren uses Spices as a front for a catering business called Toque Blanche, and his commitment to solid, homey, crowd-pleasing fare carries over to his regular menu. His char-grilled burgers have the heft and depth of a great steak, and his farmer’s salad is a massive yet harmonious conglomeration that includes artichoke hearts, avocado, mushrooms, and hard-boiled eggs. And the man clearly holds soups to a higher purpose: His rotating daily selection of chowders, stews, and good old veggie soup are a meal unto themselves. Then there’s the dessert case, packed with from-scratch pies. Apple may be the obvious choice, but Watren’s apple walnut crunch puts a hearty spin on a worn-out classic.

And don’t forget those specials. Everything from tender gnocchi to earthy red chili with homemade cornbread pops up on Spices’ daily specials board—miraculously for around $5—which is probably why Spices tends to get busy as hell during lunch. But the place is pretty much dead the rest of the time, even during weekend mornings when everyone’s lined up at all of Denver’s popular brunch spots—and missing out on Spices’ kick-ass huevos rancheros, which sports the most zingy and vibrant chile verde you’ll find on Capitol Hill. That is, if you find Spices at all.

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Spices, a tiny café off East Colfax, brings some fun options for super food. The place is one small room with a few tables, nothing fancy here at all, but chef/owner Michael Watren knows how to turn out breakfast items, great sandwiches, salads, and soups. Eat there, take out, or use the delivery service offered. Breakfast includes omelettes, a breakfast burrito, croissant sandwich, biscuits and gravy or eggs your way. Indulge in French toast, pancakes and more. There is always a soup of the day. Salads include a chopped salad, chicken Caesar, chef and farmer salad. There are burgers of every ilk and the specialty sandwiches: homemade meatloaf with roasted tomato and garlic mayo, white tuna salad with green apples, grilled chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, veggie club, Italian combo, Philly cheese steak, Reuben, BLT & A, and a grilled whole shrimp. All are delicious, served on fresh rolls and breads and accompanied by slaw. Michael also owns Toque Blanche Catering and does a fabulous job on corporate parties, private affairs and more. What fun to have this very talented man working in a spot that can accommodate guests’ needs daily. Call for hours, delivery, take out, and some darn good offerings at affordable prices.

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