Spice Cafe Dessert!

Did you know Spices Cafe not only has award winning soups and awesome entrees, but incredible desserts as well?

Our ice cream and malts are to die for, so stop in to our convenient Denver location to get your sweet tooth fix today!


Spices Cafe in Denver!

Everyone knows about Spices Cafe’s catering, but many don’t know that we have an actual location in Denver too!

All our same delicious food that we would use for catering is also available at our restaurant, so you can get yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner any day, not just at a special event.

Stop by today to get your Spices Cafe fix!

Dessert Time!

Need to satisfy that little mid-day sweet tooth? Head on down to Spices Cafe for your fix!

Not only do we serve delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees but we have some to die for desserts too. You can have them to go, at our Denver location, or even catered to your next event.

Go ahead and treat yourself – we won’t tell anyone!

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day!

Breakfast is an important part of your day – it sets the tone for all your activities, it keeps you full and satisfied until you can squeeze lunch in, and gives you energy!

Don’t skimp on breakfast – even if you’re running out the door, you can conveniently pick something up quickly from Spices Cafe.

We have tons of delicious picks to choose from, so stop into our Denver location today!