Spices Cafe: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Did you know Spices Cafe has delicious fare for every meal of the day? You can stop in for breakfast, lunch and dinner – whenever you have a craving for our great soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts.

We’re conveniently located right in Denver, so feel free to stop by any time of day, if you need some breakfast as you’re rushing to work, something yummy for lunch, or to bring home some dinner. Come try us out today!

Spices Cafe’s Denver Location

You know that we cater; you know we have award-winning soups; you probably even know we have customizable menus and allergen-free options.

But did you know you can get all of this by just stopping into our Denver location whenever you feel like it?

That’s right – you don’t have to book us, just stop by any time for delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Great Lunch in Denver!

Sometimes there’s nothing around your work that strikes your eating fancy, or there’s nothing that tastes good period.

Enter Spices Cafe: We have delicious, fast lunches perfect for the working professional in Denver!

Swing by our location today to get your awesome lunch fix – don’t settle for anything less!


Stop in for Some Delicious Breakfast at our Denver Location!

Nothing’s harder than squeezing in breakfast when you’re a working professional – we all know we’d rather sleep in!

But instead of grabbing a granola bar or a banana on your way out the door, consider making a quick pit stop at Spices Cafe for a way more yummy and satisfying breakfast that will keep you going through the day!

Our convenient Denver location is probably right on the way to work for many of you, so take advantage and come say hi!

Spices Cafe Special Dietary Options

Here at Spices Cafe, we understand that many people in today’s world have special dietary needs – whether you want your food gluten free, shellfish free, vegetarian, or what have you, Spices Cafe has something for you!

Head on down to our Denver location or have us cater your next event. Not only will you get to take a gander at our menu (which can be specialized for your event), but you’ll get to chow down on whatever food best floats your boat!