Spices Cafe Valentine’s Catering

Happy two-weeks-until-Valentine’s-Day! If you have decided that you want something super special for your main squeeze, why not get a meal perfectly catered to their tastes and needs? Spices Cafe will whip up some perfect soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, and desserts that will be the hit of your dinner for two. Or, if you’re having a Valentine’s party for more than two, then this is the perfect opportunity to kick back and let us do the work! We do tons of events in Denver and surrounding areas, and we can make your next special day even better with our great food!


Spices Cafe Catering

We know your lives are busy, so why worry about cooking for the next event coming up in your life? Whether it is Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding shower, or whatever you can think of, Spices Cafe is here for you! We can accommodate any menu requirements you may have, be there vegetarians or allergies among your guests. We cater to Denver and all surrounding areas, and ur soups, salads, entrees and desserts will be perfect for whatever you have planned, so give us a call! 


Spices Cafe Event Catering

Guess what is looming just around the corner, less than a month away? Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to plan a special meal for your special someone, or perhaps have excellent catering for that “single’s awareness day party” you throw every year, come see us at Spices Cafe. Our soups, entrees, and especially our desserts will make that day even lovelier. We cater to Denver and all surrounding areas, so come start planning your menu with us today!

Spices Cafe Catering

Have you been in to check out Spices Cafe and our great menu? We are able to cater any event, at just about any location you can name with our outstanding food. Keep in mind that we are also able to adjust the menu to any specifications that you may have, such as gluten free or vegetarian. Our fantastic soups, entrees, desserts, and everything else you can think of will be the guaranteed hit of your next event in Denver or any surrounding areas!


Spices Cafe Catering for the New Year

Welcome to a new year of new exciting food, Denver! This year might just be the perfect time to expand your food horizons by looking through our excellent menu of soups, salads, entrees and desserts. If you didn’t already try our menu for your New Year’s eve function, you now have a whole new year in which to customize a menu for your various parties and events throughout the year! Give us a call for your next party, and we’ll be sure to impress!