Early Thanksgiving Thoughts

spicescafedenvercateringcustommenufourthofjulyThanksgiving is coming up soon! Are you tired of slaving over your oven all day? Spices Cafe is the answer to all your needs! With our customizable menu, we can meet your needs! Call us today to book!


Thanksgiving Goodies



We know Thanksgiving can be stressful – it’s totally the start of a month long whirlwind of family, friends, gifts and food!

We also know you want to enjoy your holidays with you family and friends, and who can do that when you’re thinking about so many things, and especially about preparing tons of food!

Let us help you! Spices Cafe can make a completely customizable Thanksgiving menu for your holiday events and parties. Whether you need gluten free, allergen free, dairy free, or just the good ol’ traditional turkey menu, give us a call!

Start Thinking About Turkey Day!



Whew! Halloween is over. Time to pack away your pumpkin shaped bowls and chow down on the remaining graveyard pudding. But now, we have a whole new holiday to think about!

Thanksgiving is coming right up without a break, and we know it can be super stressful to have to manage a huge dinner. Why not take the stress out of your holiday by contacting Spices Cafe? 

We’ve got a completely customizable and delicious menuthat will be sure to please everyone from great aunt Hilda to little Jimmy, without you ever having to lift a finger! Give us a call today!

Thanksgiving Catering

Thanksgiving can sneak up on anybody during the spiral of holidays and all their related activities at the end of the year. We can help out all our customers in Denver and the surrounding areas, whether you need just certain parts of the meal made, like a delicious appetizer soup or an extravagant dessert, or if you’d like to have your entire meal catered. Give Spices Cafe a call to get your Thanksgiving feast on a roll!