It’s Soup Weather


It’s raining cats and dogs out there! Spices Cafe wants to extend our well wishes to everyone affected by the flooding and we hope you all keep warm and dry!

We’ve gotten pretty lucky at our location – while it’s definitely wet, it hasn’t gotten dangerous yet and we are still open. If you’d like to stop by our Denver location for some warm, delicious soup, we’ll be here!

The Last of Summer Ingredients

denverspicescafespringcateringAll the fresh ingredients of summertime are on their way out! Soon all those delicious strawberries and raspberries and peaches won’t be nearly as delicious – and we’ll have to switch over to some fall goodies!

For a custom menu that fits your fall event, look no further than Spices Cafe – We’ve got a customizable menu with any and all choices you could ever want.

Give us a call today to get your event started!

Strawberries Forever!

spicescafedessertcateringdenversoupQuite possibly the most delicious thing summer has to offer is strawberries. Strawberry shortcake, strawberry balsamic ice cream, strawberry salad – the possibilities are endless!

And we love offering endless possibilities to our customers, especially when it comes to our customizable catering menus. 

To get your menu started for this summer’s events, give Spices Cafe a call today!


Summer Desserts

spicescafesumerdessertSummer is one of the best times to indulge in dessert – you have new, fresh produce that opens up a whole new world of creativity!

Strawberries, blueberries, pears – it doesn’t matter, Spices Cafe is using them all to create a fresh, fun, customizable menu for their catering clients. 

Give Spices Cafe a call today to book your event and begin choosing your menu!

Spring’s Menu

We love nothing more than customizing our menu to fit a customer’s specifications, or to reflect the changing seasons.

This spring we’ll be catering many corporate functions, and we’d love to attend yours with our great menu and delicious food – Give Spices Cafe a call today to book your spring business function!