Holiday Spirit


This holiday season treat your company or family to a treat by catering with Spices Cafe! From sweet treats to savory foods and customizable treats you can get it all!  Call us today and figure out what you need to make everybody in the holiday spirit!


Spices Cafe Buffet (It Rhymes!)

You might have known that Spices Cafe does some downright delicious catering work, but you might not have known just how pretty our displays are, whether in a buffet or on a plate!

We believe that a pleasant view of your food contributes to the overall experience of eating, and take pride in presenting only the best to our customers.

Give Spices Cafe a call today – our decadent desserts, award-winning soups, and tasty entrees, put together with your custom menu, will make for your perfect gathering!


Spices Cafe’s Menu

Our Denver location has a wonderful menu for customers to choose from on an everyday business – but our catering menu is far more extensive than our everyday one!

In fact, it’s completely customizable, whether you need to take a specific allergy into account, want gluten free, or perhaps you want to cater desserts only, like the buffet above that we put together.

Give Spices Cafe a call, or stop in today, to get your catering menu started!

Spices Cafe Breakfast

Here’s the thing: Spices Cafe doesn’t just do great lunch and dinner, we also have delicious breakfast!

Whether you want to stop into our Denver location or have us cater your next event, we guarantee that the next breakfast you  get from us will be satisfying and tasty.

Give us a call today, or stop by to get your Spices Cafe fix now!🙂

Spices Cafe: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Did you know Spices Cafe has delicious fare for every meal of the day? You can stop in for breakfast, lunch and dinner – whenever you have a craving for our great soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts.

We’re conveniently located right in Denver, so feel free to stop by any time of day, if you need some breakfast as you’re rushing to work, something yummy for lunch, or to bring home some dinner. Come try us out today!

Fourth of July Catering

With the big 4th of July celebrations coming up in less than a month, it’s time to start thinking what you will serve at your big get together! If you don’t want to spend the fun day slaving away over a grill, give Spices Cafe a call! We have a completely customizable menu, complete with our award-winning soups! You can stop by our Denver location to try some food and talk to our chefs today!

Summer Event Catering

Summer is the time when many of us want to hold our grandest parties – delicious outdoor picnics, barbecues, you name it! Whatever event you’re holding, give Spices Cafe a call. Our awesome, award-winning soups will be sure to be the talk of your party. Don’t believe us? Stop in today at our Denver location and try it for yourself! The sooner you become a believer, the sooner you can start planning your custom menu!


Cold and Rainy? You Need Our Award-Winning Soups!

Looks like May isn’t done giving us some dreary weather yet, even with the beautiful days we’ve gotten all this week! You know what goes best with rain and clouds? Soup – or more specifically, Spices Cafe’s award-winning soup. You can stop in to our convenient Denver location for lunch, take it to go, or have it catered at your next event! We’re the best soup in town, so stop on by! 

Good Food for Your Grads!

We know you’re probably panicking right now – your child is about to graduate! This huge life event is terrifying enough without having to worry about what you’re going to feed everyone at the graduation party. So stop by Spices Cafe – our menu, complete with our award winning soups, will be the perfect fix. We have everything you need to make this special time delicious!


April Showers Bring May Flowers … And Graduation!

In approximately 3 weeks, high school and college students all over will be having the time of their lives graduating! To make their big day even more special, give Spices Cafe a call. We can put together a custom menu with all their favorite foods, cater to allergies such as gluten and seafood, and even put together vegetarian options. Give us a call or stop into our Denver location today to see what we can do for your grad!